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Jörg Ohle

Jörg Ohle
synexs GmbH

Since 2016 Jörg Ohle has been the Managing Director of synexs GmbH, the youngest subsidiary of the HOCHTIEF Group that services the growing demand for modern facility management solutions with innovative services on a digital basis. Following his civil engineering studies at the TU Braunschweig, he initially worked with a leading technical corporate consultancy in Germany, Austria and Switzerland before joining HOCHTIEF Solutions in 2008 as a Team Leader Consulting. With the sale of the Service Solutions segment to SPIE S.A. in 2013, he was appointed Head of the Product Development and Concepts department there, returning to HOCHTIEF AG in 2015 when he joined the Corporate Development department. In this position, he oversaw the foundation of synexs GmbH from the very first conceptual deliberations, and is now successfully responsible for its positioning in the market.9