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HOCHTIEF Engineering GmbH is HOCHTIEF’s in-house engineering firm. With an international workforce of over 500 employees, we are one of the biggest construction industry engineering firms with headquarters in Germany. More than half the volume of services we provide is to clients outside HOCHTIEF, and this proportion is increasing.

HOCHTIEF Engineering restructured as a stand-alone company at the beginning of 2014. Since then HOCHTIEF Engineering has been even more closely aligned to the market’s needs for engineering services in the business areas of transportation infrastructure, energy infrastructure and building. Alongside customized construction and building engineering design, design management and consultancy services in these business areas, we provide the required cross-section services for all areas in the fields of construction process management, project steering, construction materials, and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC). Our experience extends to all kinds of transportation structures, to conventional and renewable energy generation, transfer and storage in the area of energy, and to industrial production facilities and public-sector and private buildings of every type.

Apart from this broad-based, practical and detailed experience in all of these areas of expertise, what else sets us apart?

With an international workforce of over 500 employees, we are one of the biggest engineering firms in the construction industry with headquarters in Germany. Size in itself is worth nothing. But our size has been achieved by bringing together broad-based areas of expertise, and the ability to provide consultancy, design and steering throughout every phase of a project. This allows us to take an integrated approach to projects, from concept phase to the subsequent operation of a property.

Thanks to the long-standing international project and construction site experience of our staff and managers, we are in a position to undertake

  • national and international projects of enormous size
  • projects of the greatest complexity
  • projects that are very technically demanding
even with short mobilization times, big teams, and in foreign-language environments.

Our work has been characterized over many decades by direct proximity to the needs of construction and the demands of project management. This puts us in the unique position of being able to develop and implement design solutions of excellent construction feasibility and great functionality, at affordable prices and in the shortest space of time. Since detail design is one of our great strengths, we can offer practical implementation variants, superior special proposals, high-end value engineering and innovative problem solutions. When providing design and consultancy services for work preparation, construction site set-up, construction site logistics and scheduling, we are guided by the highest cost-effectiveness standards.

Our extensive project expertise is demonstrated not only by our exceptional ability to provide expert technical and methodological steering of design processes and large design teams. We also bring our wide-ranging experience to bear for our clients with regard to project steering and construction management. Under the label of “Project Engineering” we offer a broad service spectrum covering the supervision and management of projects and processes for our private and public-sector clients.

We stand apart in a number of specialized areas and expert subjects because of our comprehensive consultancy experience and our efficiency in finding solutions. In this connection we would first and foremost like to mention

  • structural dynamics for all areas
  • deployment of probabilistic verification methods
  • life-cycle management for built structures of all kinds
  • green building
  • building physics
  • fire prevention
  • facade design and consultancy
  • technical fit-out of buildings and infrastructural structures
  • construction materials and material technology
  • deployment of all state-of-the-art scheduling software
  • structural steel engineering
  • construction pits and foundations of all kinds
  • special solutions for construction in, on and under water

Through our subsidiary HOCHTIEF India and its workforce of over 100 engineers we are in a position to provide

  • extensive quantity surveys
  • Building Information Modeling
  • reinforcement design and detailing
  • other elements of bearing structures and MEP planning
on a quality-assured, on-time and attractively-priced basis, coordinated and expertly managed in Germany. Our Indian unit has almost 15 years’ experience in a dozen countries, and works with a large number of internal and external clients.

With HOCHTIEF ViCon, we have had the market’s best-performing team for Virtual Design and Construction in the building industry at our disposal since 2006. Apart from its headquarters in Essen, this highly innovative company has branches in the Gulf region and the UK who furnish their clients with Building Information Modeling (BIM) products such as

  • 3D visualizations
  • clash analyses for trades coordination
  • model-based quantity surveying
  • BIM-based production systems
and also deploy these tools on request by way of service contracts.

Taken individually or combined to suit the respective project, the special expertise and extensive experience outlined above offer our clients exceptional added value that is expressed in

  • adherence to deadlines
  • cost security
  • contractually-compliant quality
  • controlled risks
  • stable processes
Simply better projects.

Quick overview

  • Integrated approach to projects
  • International expertise
  • Management of large-scale and complex projects
  • Decades of practical and project-related experience
  • Focus during construction is on cost-effectiveness and functionality
  • Management expertise in design and project implementation
  • Exceptional performance in numerous specialist areas and expert matters
  • Access to quality-controlled and affordable own company in India
  • Market leadership in Virtual Design and Construction and Building Information Modeling when undertaking projects
  • Leading provider of infrastructural design services in the main specialist areas

HOCHTIEF Engineering – Better Project Solutions.


Dr. Hansgeorg Balthaus