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The world is growing. More and more people are living in cities. The expansion of social and urban infrastructure is becoming essential—good water and energy supply, and a functioning transportation system. More space for living and working is required.

Global trade demands well-developed transshipment centers: airports, container terminals, railway routes and highways.

Growth and economic success can only be achieved on firm foundations. In Germany, Europe and selected regions around the world, HOCHTIEF Infrastructure GmbH creates the foundations for well-planned, sustainable growth—for example by building bridges, roads, railways, tunnels, airports, ports and social and urban infrastructure, all the way through to plants for the generation of conventional and renewable power.

Over decades HOCHTIEF has gathered experience in the area of building and infrastructure, and has continuously expanded its know-how. HOCHTIEF Infrastructure bundles the implementation expertise and provides services for all phases of a project’s realization.

Alongside strong local offices in Germany and various European countries, the regional units in the Middle East and Latin America represent HOCHTIEF Infrastructure GmbH’s powerful international presence.

HOCHTIEF—a German name and a global brand. As one of the world’s most international construction service providers, we have been in business for over 140 years.

In addition to the building and infrastructure construction units in Germany, HOCHTIEF Infrastructure GmbH also bundles the European companies outside Germany such as HOCHTIEF Polska, HOCHTIEF CZ and HOCHTIEF UK. We are also active in Austria, the Netherlands and Scandinavia and have a presence in other, selected regions of the world as well, primarily on large-scale projects. These include the Middle East region and Latin America.

With HOCHTIEF Infrastructure you don’t just get engineering expertise. We speak your language everywhere in the world because our long-standing international expertise has familiarized us with the cultural, social and legal peculiarities of foreign markets.

Our projects are technically demanding. We have the specialists whose expertise can take a project through every phase to successful completion. With our services you also benefit from special technical solutions that save you time and money—regardless of whether you are building a bridge, a tunnel or a power station—because at HOCHTIEF Infrastructure you will find not only experienced civil engineers but also proven experts for the many specialized areas of construction, from social and transportation infrastructure all the way to energy infrastructure. There are a lot of project around the globe that feature special solutions from HOCHTIEF.


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