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Our operating companies’ projects

Experience and innovation: We finance, plan, develop and construct buildings and infrastructural facilities. We also provide a broad spectrum of engineering services.

Our four operating companies have experts in many markets. We work for clients in Europe and selected regions worldwide.

Here are a few examples of our companies’ competencies.

Residential Building Mosaic Eilenriede

Residential Building Mosaic Eilenriede • Hanover • Germany

Constantin Höfe

Constantin Höfe • Cologne • Germany

Residential building Lister Gracht

Residential building Lister Gracht • Hanover • Germany

Administration Building Airport Düsseldorf

Administration Building Airport Düsseldorf • Düsseldorf • Germany

HOCHTIEF Infrastructure GmbH
Poznan energy-from-waste facility

Poznan energy-from-waste facility • Posen • Poland

Kaiserschleuse lock

Kaiserschleuse lock • Bremerhaven • Germany

Thames Tunnel

Thames Tunnel • London • United Kingdom

Riga Airport

Riga Airport • Riga • Latvia

HOCHTIEF Engineering GmbH
Walsum power plant

Walsum power plant • Duisburg • Germany

Elbe Philharmonic Hall

Elbe Philharmonic Hall • Hamburg • Germany

Queensferry Crossing

Queensferry Crossing • Edinburgh • United Kingdom

Glückaufhaus, Essen

Glückaufhaus, Essen • Essen • Germany

Presidio Parkway

Presidio Parkway • San Francisco, CA • USA

Ballet Rehearsal Building

Ballet Rehearsal Building • Düsseldorf • Germany

Highway A7

Highway A7 • Hamburg • Germany

Comprehensive School Cologne-Rodenkirchen

Comprehensive School Cologne-Rodenkirchen • Cologne • Germany