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Queensferry Crossing

City Edinburgh
Country United Kingdom
Client Transport Scotland
Construction period 2011 - 2017

As leader of a consortium, HOCHTIEF Solutions built the approximately 2.7-kilometer-long cable-stayed bridge— dubbed “Queensferry Crossing” by the public—over the Firth of Forth near Edinburgh in Scotland. Including the necessary connecting structures, almost seven kilometers of road infrastructure were created here between 2011 and 2017. The bridge features a cutting-edge wind shielding system to protect traffic even in high winds. HOCHTIEF thus built one of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe and one of the world’s longest cablestayed bridges—and demonstrated how cost-effectively it works even on technically sophisticated, large-scale projects.

As early as during the bidding phase which was organized as a competitive dialog, HOCHTIEF Engineering was responsible for design management and developed alternative proposals for the foundation of the bridge piers in the river—solutions that contributed decisively to the bid's success. In the design and construction phase, too, HOCHTIEF Engineering placed the focus on the foundations: The development of the performed caisson foundation was supported significantly by the in-house experts for marine works and geotechnics—from ground investigation and geotechnical risk analyses through to detailed engineering and construction monitoring.

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