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Comprehensive School Cologne-Rodenkirchen

City Cologne
Country Germany
Client City of Cologne
Contract type PPP
Contract Financing, construction and operation of a comprehensive school in Cologne-Rodenkirchen
Capital expenditure EUR 51.9 million
Contract volume EUR 126.9 million
Contract period 27 years (2007–2034)
Shareholders HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions (50%), BBGI SICAV S.A. (50%)

High-end design, state-of-the-art rooms, environmentally friendly energy supply: Several features of the “Gesamtschule Köln-Rodenkirchen” secondary school set it apart such as the widely visible photovoltaic installation on the roof, or the 500 bicycle parking spaces directly beside the building which are much appreciated by the pupils. The secondary school was realized by HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions in partnership with the public sector. The company is also operating the 28,000-square-meter building for 25 years. The City of Cologne remains the owner and it has planning security thanks to the fixed monthly fee it pays throughout the operating period.

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