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Wigan Life Centre

City Wigan
Country United Kingdom
Client Wigan Council
Contract type PPP
Contract Planning, financing, construction and operation of Wigan Life Centre, UK
Capital expenditure EUR 69.1 million
Contract period 25 years (from opening, 2011-2036)
Shareholders Equitix Healthcare 2 Limited (100%)

Practically everything that facilitates life for citizens in Wigan is found under one roof in the “Life Centre” located in the heart of the community. Carefully restored and realized, the project has received both national and international awards. The best praise, however, comes from delighted locals who are all too keen to make use of the Wigan Life Centre. As a multi-purpose building par excellence, the Wigan Life Centre in the heart of the city combines the whole spectrum of local services from the areas of administration, health and fitness.

Over its 25-year period, the project has a volume of around GBP 223.0 million (EUR 261.6 million). The investment volume is about GBP 58.9 million (EUR 69.1 million). Two new building sections were raised up around the existing city hall. The southern section of the new complex houses council offices and various medical facilities as part of a healthy living zone with an international standard swimming pool. There is also a modern fitness studio.

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