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As a service provider, we assist our clients in Germany and abroad throughout all phases of their project—from concept to operation—in the business areas of building, industrial and infrastructural construction, and civil engineering, in all areas of construction process management and project steering.

Thanks to the hands-on, integrated approach we take to projects, we are able to devise economical and sustainable solutions that always place our clients’ needs to the fore. Our professional experts support our clients on projects of every size and degree of complexity, providing individual, customized realization concepts and cooperation models.

Our specialist expertise and our project management tools allow us to take the pressure off project management and the project team, and efficiently secure the shared achievement of the desired project objectives.

The following areas of expertise sum up our extensive spectrum of services:

The groundwork for successful project execution is laid early on in the classic areas covered by work preparation. Our long-standing experience with projects of every kind ensures professional and economical preparation of all project-related processes. Multifaceted software tools support client-specific visualizations, and facilitate internal and external communication. Our integrated approach to work preparation is rounded out with effective scheduling and schedule controlling.

Main service components:

  • Construction site set-up planning
  • Construction phase/workflow planning incl. visualizations
  • Construction method technology
  • Logistics concepts
  • Designing temporary aids to construction

Ever more ambitious construction deadlines under complex conditions call for scheduling and schedule steering experts to ensure that our clients’ specified project targets are stably and securely achieved. In providing resource-oriented scheduling, we consider all of the important project processes, and all logistical parameters. This includes the phases of design, approval, tender and award, construction, commissioning and final inspection and, where required, the relocation process.

Together with our project partners, we put effective schedule controlling in place and, where potential divergences are identified, we develop effective countermeasures early on.

Main service components:

  • Scheduling feasibility studies/construction time optimization
  • Integrated, resource-oriented master/detail schedule incl. all preparatory processes from concept phase to handover
  • Practical scheduling (target/actual comparisons) including trend and divergence analyses
  • Commissioning and final inspection planning
  • Model-based scheduling (4D)
  • Construction process steering using Last Planner / Lean Construction
  • Path-time diagrams

Practical, customized project steering provides clients and their project teams with professional support exactly where they need it. Our experienced employees possess broad-based experience from many completed projects, covering the entire spectrum of project steering and project management issues from the early concept phase through to handover. By means of project-specific solutions and active controlling, we and the client’s team ensure stable processes, thus jointly achieving the project’s objectives.

Main service components:

  • Specification for project steering as specified in Section 205 AHO such as:
    • Project-specific set-up and workflow organization
    • Scheduling, capacities and logistics
    • Payment plans/fund flow plans
  • Quick checks/ Second opinion
  • Opportunity and risk assessments
  • Advice on contract wording (scheduling/resources/interfaces)
  • Logistics management
  • Advice on collaboration tools

We also provide selected service packages to suit all client requirements under our “Project Engineering” label.


Dipl.-Ing. Heinz Stenmans