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With a history reaching back more than 90 years, Consult Infrastructure is HOCHTIEF’s central technical unit for civil and structural engineering. Given this background, we often assist our construction colleagues, jointly undertaking demanding infrastructure projects with them both in Germany and abroad. On-site implementation gives us the opportunity to repeatedly validate our design solutions and to enhance them with practical innovations. This gives our workforce of around 100 employees profound hands-on construction experience, something that sets us apart from most other engineering firms, and thus ensures that we possess unique expertise.

Our external clients also benefit from this USP: We deliver design with special focus on both buildability and technical and economic optimization. In other words: efficient delivery. Within our areas of expertise we provide engineering services for all phases of a project—from feasibility study to design and execution phase to commissioning and operation.

Our main areas of activity and expertise:

Designing tunnels and underground structures has traditionally been part of our core business. Whenever HOCHTIEF is involved in a tunnel project, experts from Consult Infrastructure are part of the project team. This is no surprise because there is hardly any other construction sector in which the design and construction processes are so closely interwoven.

Our civil engineering and tunneling expertise is based on comprehensive hands-on construction site experience. An understanding of construction methods, their applicability and their limits is an important success factor when our civil, tunneling and geotechnical engineers develop an optimized solution—for the benefit of our clients—for a given project with its specific geological parameters.

Our services include, in particular:
  • Bored tunnels (TBM) and conventional tunnels (NATM)
  • Open-cut tunnels (“cut & cover”) and immersed tunnels
  • Underground civil structures and caverns
  • Special excavation pits and foundations
  • Civil engineering and tunneling as part of dam and hydroelectric power plant projects
  • Temporary works design

Bridges are often seen as the most spectacular feats of civil engineering. This goes both for large bridges that extend over land or water, and for sophisticated structures crossing densely populated areas, or those for which special assembly methods are necessary in order to reduce the impact of transportation routes on the environment.

We love challenges like these. Based on our experience acquired from decades of working on HOCHTIEF construction sites, we create optimized solutions—be they for major landmark bridges, or for a series of standard structures along a highway.

One of our key areas of interest in recent years has been the many PPP highway projects in Germany and other European countries. Together with our colleagues at HOCHTIEF’s construction and operation units, we consider life-cycle costs and develop practical monitoring and maintenance strategies. These are continuously improved in research and development projects in conjunction with internal and external partners.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Concrete bridges, no matter which method of construction
  • Steel and composite bridges
  • Special bridge foundations in and beside water
  • Other transportation structures
  • Civil and structural engineering of all kinds
  • Structural diagnosis and maintenance strategies
  • Temporary works design

The transportation engineers from Consult Infrastructure have been and remain involved in numerous infrastructure projects worldwide. Alongside our own design, we also handle design management, design reviews and due diligence.

HOCHTIEF not only designs and builds infrastructure projects, but is also active as a developer and operator of PPP projects. Our considerable experience in this area rounds out our palette of services, and is appreciated by our clients both within and outside HOCHTIEF.

Our service spectrum covers:
  • Roads and highways
  • Rail projects, from metro to high speed rail
  • Airports and airfields
  • Earthworks
  • Drainage and water supply
  • Coordination of construction and operation
  • Temporary traffic management

Most hydraulic engineering projects—be they complex civil engineering, tunneling or cavern construction, or any structures in or beside water, etc.—entail diverse specialist disciplines that number among Consult Infrastructure’s core competencies. It is therefore only natural that hydraulic engineering—which calls for such a broad range of expertise—should also be part of our core business.

The same goes for many environmental construction jobs that often require special civil engineering and infrastructural expertise. As elsewhere, our lengthy hands-on construction experience stands our clients in good stead here as well.

We provide both classic engineering disciplines and particular specialist services in both of these areas.

Our service spectrum in these areas includes:
  • Dams and hydroelectric power plants
  • Structures with special excavation pits and foundations in and beside water
  • Site development, with wet and dry utility systems
  • Design of waste disposal sites and environmental remediation

Depending on the specific request, in industrial engineering we work closely with our sister departments of Consult IKS and Consult CMS. Our focus here is on those areas in which our expertise in civil engineering, structural engineering and geotechnical engineering produces added value for our clients.

In southern England, for example, we developed and implemented a floating caisson solution for a waste incineration plant without which it would probably have been impossible to realize the project in this particular location. We have helped other industry clients to optimize the foundations of their structures, or to mitigate and control settlements beneath sensitive construction elements.

We are increasingly providing these services directly to external clients—be it our own design, or in the form of a design review or value engineering of a design prepared by others.

The main elements of our service spectrum are:
  • Support with site investigation and assessment
  • Design for site development
  • Optimized excavation pit and foundation solutions
  • Design review and value engineering
  • Design management
  • Project management support

No matter what the geological parameters of a project are, our geotechnical engineers possess a wealth of ideas and the experience to find the right technical solution for our clients. For the owner this creates cost security, and often results in cost savings as well; on the other hand, for the contractor this may well generate a crucial competitive edge.

Often, however, it is “only” a question of assessing the geotechnical risks associated with a particular construction measure and the planned method of construction, in order to avoid later “surprises” during execution. This is an area in which the experience that our geotechnical engineers have gathered over years of hands-on construction site project work pays out for our clients.

Of course, we do not only provide advice, but will also develop the solutions we find into geotechnical designs.

Our range of services includes:
  • soil investigation
  • geotechnical models, factual and interpretative reports
  • design of deep and spread foundations
  • numerical calculations and stability analyses
  • supporting pressure and settlement analyses
  • groundwater management
  • ground improvement and artificial ground freezing
  • geotechnical risk analysis and assessment

Whether this involves tunnels or bridges, toll highways or subway lines, airports or offshore wind farms: for all of our services our expertise also extends to the related technical equipment. Our MEP engineers complement our portfolio right down to the last electrical and mechanical detail.

Here we particularly focus on the sensitive interfaces between civil works and MEP trades—a field which today is very often decisive for success in realizing and commissioning major infrastructure projects. It is precisely this field which our MEP experts have supported in many different ways in numerous major projects at home and abroad, and we will gladly deploy this experience on our external clients’ projects as well.

Here our range of services particularly includes:
  • tunnel equipment
  • traffic management technology and toll systems
  • safety and communication technology
  • technical rail equipment
  • airport equipment
  • hydroelectric power plants
  • offshore wind farms

Today tight timeframes in project realization are not unusual, but rather the rule. Here ensuring that deadlines are met first of all requires detailed sequence planning, beginning with the design itself (= “design planning”). This is the only way to reliably prepare and control the realization and commissioning of today’s construction projects.

We are used to dealing with these particular challenges. Not least because we have frequently taken over and implemented design management for HOCHTIEF on many major infrastructure projects at home and abroad, so that construction measures can be realized punctually and in accordance with requirements. Today we often incorporate this particular competence, when we cooperate on projects with external partners. Naturally, we are also happy to take over the task of design management directly on the client side—right through to project control tasks.

We handle the following on your behalf
  • design planning
  • design organization and design management
  • interface management
  • overall design coordination
  • quality control
  • site supervision

Out of the decades of involvement in HOCHTIEF bid projects—from the development of alternative proposals — and similarly through on-site design and engineering tasks, we have evolved an enormous potential for ideas related to potential savings and optimizations. This means that as a matter of principle the optimization of construction costs and construction processes is an important part of our work. We are glad to offer this knowledge also to our external clients.

In the course of “Quick Checks” we show you general saving potential, check the design or parts thereof for efficiency or provide support for you as an independent checking engineer with a special focus on cost reduction. Naturally as part of such Design Reviews other aspects such as quality, buildability and conformance with standards are also closely examined.

Thanks to HOCHTIEF’s global presence, we are able to utilize project experience from more than 50 countries on all continents and hence offer our services virtually everywhere in the world. The majority of our employees speak English, and almost all other world languages are represented.

But it isn’t just languages that matter: the majority of the employees have their own international project experience and can also confidently operate in other cultural environments. Because this is often the key to success when it comes to realizing “Consulting made in Germany” on international projects.

Depending on the region, we closely cooperate in the international market with our Indian subsidiary HOCHTIEF (India) Pvt. Ltd. While this offers the advantage of regional proximity in Asia and the Middle East, the time difference also provides the opportunity of “Overnight Design” for the Western world.


Dr. Erol Erdem