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The construction and operation of buildings consumes more than 40 percent of primary energy. The construction industry is therefore better placed than almost any other to make a defining and socially important contribution towards greater sustainability.

Better building insulation, state-of-the-art condensing boiler and regulation technology, combined heat and power plants, cogeneration, greater space efficiency, and ensuring that building users are better informed, are just a few of the ways in which significant savings can be achieved—without reducing the level of comfort in the building.

In the interests of the sustainable and responsible use of resources, the real estate of the future needs to be far more efficient. At the same time, it must adapt as smoothly as possible to the varying needs of users and changing environmental influences. The prerequisites for achieving this are that the life-cycle of buildings be considered in an integrated way, and new technologies be developed.

Sustainable buildings are economically efficient, environmentally-friendly, and they conserve resources. They are healthy for their users, and fit perfectly into their given sociocultural setting. In this way, sustainable buildings retain their high value over the long term—for investors, owners and users alike.

HOCHTIEF advocates the interaction of economics, ecology and social responsibility. As a corporate citizen, we take responsibility for people and the environment. We set standards by promoting and developing innovative technologies.

We are available as a partner for public-private partnership solutions, for example. Today HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions already plans, finances, builds and operates town halls, schools, barracks and other public-sector facilities. Because of the integrated approach we take to this real estate, its efficiency is increased by 15 to 20 percent.

We are, moreover, involved in developing transportation infrastructures. HOCHTIEF Infrastructure removes road congestion points, and undertakes rail and port projects so that goods conveyed by road can be transferred to more effective means of transportation. In addition, we promote sustainable building initiatives all over the world.

HOCHTIEF Infrastructure is not only one of the world’s leading builders of power plants. We are also a pioneer with regard to climate protection, and are making important contributions in many areas: We both modernize existing power plants, and build and operate the latest, innovative types of power plant.

Renewable energies are increasingly in the interests of sustainable management. The international markets for environmentally-friendly electricity are experiencing dynamic growth.

HOCHTIEF has already been active in this trailblazing industry for several years. We have international experience particularly with the construction and planning of modern, efficient hydroelectric power plants. We also provide planning services for the construction of offshore wind power plants. Many of our R&D (research and development) projects are equally devoted to this subject, also extending to the storage of renewable energies. Our innovative approaches include concrete storage spheres or ice storage technology. Thus HOCHTIEF is helping to shape a sustainable energy infrastructure.

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