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HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions GmbH · Transport Infrastructure Europe

The bulk of the Transport Infrastructure Europe branch’s activities is in the German market, and it also operates in selected European countries.

At the moment the Via Solutions Nord consortium around HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions is handling the construction and partial upgrading of the A7 highway in northern Germany on a PPP basis. The A7 upgrade will significantly improve the important road link between Schleswig-Holstein and Scandinavia.

The public private partnership project is being implemented by the Via Solutions Nord consortium, consisting of HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions and partners. The 65-kilometer section of the A7 between the Hamburg-Northwest and Bordesholm interchanges will have a total of six lanes, with eight lanes south of the Hamburg-Northwest intersection. In addition to the widening of the highway, a total of 76 bridges will be newly built or reconstructed along the stretch of road. In the Schnelsen section, the Schnelsen highway cover will be created over A7. With this, the Hamburg city district, which had been "cut up" since the construction of A7 at the beginning of the 1970s, will reobtain its natural connection. In addition, a new agency in charge of highway maintenance will be established in the municipality of Nützen at the Kaltenkirchen junction, which at the same time will serve as the operating company's headquarters. The construction costs amount to around EUR 600 million.

The consortium will also operate and maintain a 59-kilometer long section for 30 years after completion of the 65-kilometer long total stretch of road. A section of about 6 kilometers between Bordesholm and Neumünster will be transferred to the state of Schleswig-Holstein. The amount of the consortium's remuneration for construction and operation of the highway is based on the extent and quality of the availability of the section for road users. This means: When meeting the precisely defined requirements, the contractor will receive the agreed remuneration in full. In the event of non-fulfillment, a deduction will be made.

HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions GmbH · Social Infrastructure Europe

The Social Infrastructure Europe branch is mainly involved in the German market, as well as in selected neighboring European countries. Experienced teams are currently responsible for schools in Braunschweig, Dortmund, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Halstenbek, Offenbach District, a new Ballett Rehearsal Building in Düsseldorf, Police Headquarters in Aachen, a State Laboratory in Berlin and Brandenburg and the town halls in Gladbeck und Moers.

At the beginning of 2008 HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions reached a milestone in public-private building construction: the company was contracted to finance, plan, refurbish and/or build, and operate Germany’s first PPP project in the area of defense—the Fürst Wrede Barracks in Munich. This is the first PPP building construction project contracted by the German state.

In December 2015, the federal state of Berlin has contracted HOCHTIEF LLBB GmbH, a fully-owned subsidiary of HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions, to build and operate a new laboratory and administration building for the Berlin-Brandenburg State Laboratory (LLBB). Apart from the labs, the new premises will feature offices, a library, social and technical areas, and space for parking.

In 2017, the Institute for Federal Real Estate (BImA) contracted HOCHTIEF and a joint venture partner to refurbish a heritage-listed building ensemble in the Berlin-Mitte district. The two companies will also provide maintenance and operation for a period of 25 years after completion. The future user of one of the buildings will be the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG).

HOCHTIEF PPP Operations GmbH

With the establishment of HOCHTIEF PPP Operations GmbH in 2014, HOCHTIEF brought together more than 10 years of experience in the area of road operation into a single company. By taking this step HOCHTIEF is emphasizing its strategy of further expanding its position as the leading private road operator in Germany. The objective is to concentrate existing know-how, develop it further, spark innovations, and transfer all of this to new road projects.

We are Germany’s leading private road operator. Our portfolio contains toll road projects as well as shadow toll and availability models. In total we are operating over 800 kilometers of roads and highways.

What parts of the project do we handle?

Operation ensures the continuous upkeep of the infrastructure so that it is available as far as possible without restriction to traffic and in observance of the highest safety standards.

Within the scope of operation, the project section is constantly monitored; operational (servicing) and structural (maintenance) are carried out. These entail the following duties:

  • Immediate measures on the roadway
  • Maintenance of greenery
  • Servicing and maintenance of road facilities
  • Cleaning
  • Winter service
  • Section monitoring and securing of hazardous areas

Apart from management, the team of our operating companies is made up of other members including an operations engineer, a road maintenance manager and road maintenance workers as we use our own personnel and equipment to provide most of the services. We offer ambitious employees the opportunity to work and contribute to the engineering and commercial areas of major projects at international level, with an interesting range of duties. Our employees have the chance to develop PPP projects during the bid phase and, as part of the cross-disciplinary team, to familiarize themselves with all aspects and collaborate with other areas such as finance, taxes, conservation, construction, planning and insurance. During the implementation, construction and operations phases, the employees of our operation companies who are on the ground organize and optimize the operations service with all of its responsibilities.

As the general contractor of the project companies we bear all operating risks throughout the entire concession term. This also includes availability costs incurred as a result of lane availability restrictions.

HOCHTIEF PPP Operations GmbH

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