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Be it transportation, energy, social and urban infrastructure or mining—this is where you will find references organized into market segments such as bridges, roads, tunnels, renewable energies and grid expansion, educational facilities, offices and residential real estate.


Energy infrastructure
Walsum power plant

Walsum power plant • Duisburg • Germany

Newhaven energy recovery facility

Newhaven energy recovery facility • New Haven • United Kingdom

Poznan energy-from-waste facility

Poznan energy-from-waste facility • Posen • Poland

Rousse wastewater treatment plant

Rousse wastewater treatment plant • Rousse • Bulgaria

Transportation infrastructure
Flood protection at the Niederhafen, Lot 2

Flood protection at the Niederhafen, Lot 2 • Hamburg • Germany

San Cristóbal Tunnel

San Cristóbal Tunnel • Santiago de Chile • Chile

Salzburg Main Station

Salzburg Main Station • Salzburg • Austria

Ostkreuz Station Berlin

Ostkreuz Station Berlin • Berlin • Germany

Social and urban infrastructure
Wigan Life Centre

Wigan Life Centre • Wigan • United Kingdom

Residential Building Mosaic Eilenriede

Residential Building Mosaic Eilenriede • Hanover • Germany


Rheinhallen/Rheinpark • Cologne • Germany

BiKuZ and Schools Frankfurt

BiKuZ and Schools Frankfurt • Frankfurt / Main • Germany