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Highway A1/A6

City Amsterdam
Country Netherlands
Client Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Rijkswaterstaat
Contract type Public Private Partnership (PPP)
Contract Contract for the planning, financing, construction and operation of a section of the Amsterdam-Almere highway link (A1/A6), Netherlands
Contract volume > EUR 1 billion
Contract period 25 years
Shareholders HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions (20%), DIF (42.86%), BBGI (37.14%)

Sand is essential for road construction – but trucks are not: In building one of the most important highway spur routes to Amsterdam, the four million cubic meters of sand required were brought to the site by hydraulic flushing instead of trucks, resulting in 225,000 fewer transports. The Dutch government has contracted the SAAone consortium with the construction and operation of an important section of highway between Amsterdam and Almere.

The consortium, in which HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions has a 20 percent stakeholding, planned, financed and built a section of the A1 and part of the connecting A6 on a PPP basis and will operate these routes for 25 years. This contract is one of four PPP projects that will improve transportation capacity between Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport, and the young, fast growing city of Almere from 2020.

Designing the PPP project included coordination with the local authorities and municipalities as well as with numerous stakeholders. The results of this interface coordination were integrated into the 3D design. Via detailed internal design control—known as system engineering—, the design quality desired by the client is guaranteed during all phases of the project.

A special design challenge was to consider the existing structures and the ongoing traffic—a challenge that was reflected by detailed traffic phase planning and construction process planning.



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