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Bridge across the Great Belt

Country Denmark
Completion 2000

HOCHTIEF and its joint venture partners built bridges of the superlative variety in Scandinavia: The construction of the Öresund Bridge is considered a milestone. Over 16 kilometers long, the structure linking the cities of Copenhagen and Malmö opened in 2000. Prior to that, HOCHTIEF had been part of a joint venture that built the Great Belt East Bridge, which is the centerpiece of the structure with a total overall length of 20 kilometers between the Danish islands of Funen and Zealand. With a free span of 1,624 meters and a vertical clearance of 65 meters, it is not only among the longest but is also one of the most aweinspiring suspension bridges in the world. Its pylons extend 27 meters below and 254 meters above sea level—almost as high as the Eiffel Tower. The bridge has speeded up the crossing dramatically: Instead of a two-hour ferry journey, it now takes drivers a mere 15 minutes.

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