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PPP Project Mauerstrasse Berlin

City Berlin
Country Germany
Client Institute for Federal Real Estate (BImA)
Contract type Public-private partnership (PPP)
Architect Architects KSP Juergen Engel Architekten (Braunschweig)
Construction period 2017-2020
Special feature

The Institute for Federal Real Estate (BImA) contracted HOCHTIEF and BAM Deutschland to refurbish a heritage-listed building ensemble in the Berlin-Mitte district: In a public-private partnership (PPP), the two companies will also provide maintenance and operation for a period of 25 years after completion. The future user of one of the buildings will be the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG). The joint venture partners each have a share of 50 percent. The new office base of the Ministry of Health is planned to be ready for operation by the end of 2020.

HOCHTIEF and BAM Deutschland will deliver modern properties that satisfy the demanding user requirements and meet top-level standards in terms of architectural quality, functionality, energy efficiency and monument conservation. The two future ministry locations also have to meet stringent requirements regarding building safety and operational safety.

Copyright © Visualisierung moka-studio, Entwurf und Planung KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten Braunschweig

Alfredstraße 236
45133 Essen • Deutschland
Tel: +49 201 824-1273
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HOCHTIEF Infrastructure GmbH
Building ÖPP Erfurt
Schmidtstedter Straße 30a
99084 Erfurt • Deutschland
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