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Alberta schools II

Country Canada
Client Government of Alberta
Contract type PPP
Contract Contract for the planning, financing, construction and operation of ten new schools in the province of Alberta, Canada
Capital expenditure EUR 61 million
Contract period 30 years (2012-2042)
Shareholders Concert ASAP II no. 1 Inc. (100%)

School is more than learning in a classroom. It also involves collaborative living, engaging in sports as a balance to academic work, finding inspiration in art and music, technical subjects and natural sciences. The principle of “Core School Design” meets all these modern education needs. Fortunate for those with access to such a school –as found in the Canadian province of Alberta.

Based on this forward-looking concept HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions North America realized ten new schools which accommodate about 8,000 students in the province of Alberta. The project involved the planning, financing, construction and operation of the schools. The 30-year project has a contract volume of EUR 242 million. The investment volume is around EUR 61 million.

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