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Halstenbek High School

Country Germany
Client Local authority of Halstenbek
Contract type PPP
Contract Planning, interim construction financing, construction and operation of the Wolfgang-Borchert-Gymnasium secondary school in Halstenbek, Germany
Capital expenditure EUR 21 million
Contract period 19.5 years (2014-2033)
Shareholders HOCHTIEF PPP Europa (100 % HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions)

The community of Halstenbek’s future-building project in Schleswig-Holstein features modern, well-kept classrooms as well as other areas that are open to the public. The 31-million-euro contract is split into construction (approximately 21 million) and operation (approximately 10 million). The around 1,000 pupils have been attending classes in the new building since the start of the 2015/2016 school year.

The project company, HOCHTIEF PPP Europe, built a large auditorium, a dining hall, and a branch of Halstenbek’s public library. It integrated an existing cogeneration plant into the newbuild and connected the existing three-section sports hall with the building. An extensive schoolyard is being built to the rear. A multipurpose yard has been created between the new-build and the sports hall.

HOCHTIEF built the new school as a massive reinforced steel skeleton structure, using in-situ concreting. The facade is a
high-end combination of masonry on the ground floor, with metal panels on the next two floors and the set-back floor at the top.
Services, facility management and structural maintenance will be provided until 2033. This will include property management,
cleaning and maintenance of both the building and the outdoor facilities, energy management, and repair and optimization measures.

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