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Centre Sportif

City Steinfort
Country Luxembourg
Client Administration des Bâtiments Public
Completion 2001
Visitor capacity 8,000

The Centre National Sportif et Culturel in Luxembourg sets new standards in the construction of leisure and entertainment facilities. The curved domes made of laminated wood beams, glass and copper span one of the largest free spans in Europe and give the sports and cultural center a futuristic appearance. HOCHTIEF Luxembourg was responsible for constructing the shell, facades, stands, roof and an underground car park with space for 47 cars, as well as building a connection to the indoor Olympic swimming pool, which HOCHTIEF itself realized back in the 1980s. A surprising ambience invites onlookers to discover and marvel at the numerous structural details in all areas. Curved walls with a parquet finish follow on from high-quality exposed concrete, stainless steel and glass surfaces. Doors and passages gleam in bright red or yellow. Under the direction of HOCHTIEF Luxembourg, the skills of our partners were fully utilized. Only in this way was it possible to fulfill the high levels of precision in construction and to deliver the perfect setting for all kind of sports and cultural events.


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