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Dortmund U

City Dortmund
Country Germany
Client City of Dortmund
Contract type PPP
Contract Development of two vocational training colleges, an office building and a public parking facility in Dortmund, Germany
Contract period 25 years, 1 x 5 years option
Shareholders HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions and HOCHTIEF Projektentwicklung (50%), Kölbl Kruse (50%)

A new urban district for education, art and creativity has been created around the former Union Brewery in Dortmund. HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions and HOCHTIEF Projektentwicklung and Kolbl Kruse are working together to create one of Germany’s biggest school campuses. Two vocational colleges for a total of 6,000 students, an office buildig  and a public parking facility have been built on the site of the former brewery.

The conversion of the historical brewery site makes a major contribution to developing downtown Dortmund. Students have access to modern buildings in which learning is fun. A project company made up of HOCHTIEF and Kolbl Kruse is the owner of the buildings and the lessor. The City pays a monthly rent for the use of the schools for a contractually agreed period and can thus plan its budget with greater security. The letting of the office building and the parking facility are handled by private investors.

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