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How can projects and innovations be effected that are necessary but difficult to finance? HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions finds the answers. Working with us our clients realize infrastructural projects for which we arrange everything from financing to planning and construction to operation from a single source—no matter whether the project in hand is a new school or administration building, a tunnel, or a highway. The added value for the client is obvious. First and foremost, it is often only through public-private partnership (PPP) that many solutions become financially feasible—and completion is faster as well.

In the long term too, PPP projects have proven to be economical, efficient and sustainable. This is due to the fact that on PPP projects, one entity is responsible for all services from financing to operation. This individual also manages the project after implementation and therefore also considers the entire life-cycle of a building as early as the start phase. This means that, right from the start, all parameters are put in place to ensure economical and sustainable use—often over decades.

HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions has been implementing projects of this kind since the 1990s. We find intelligent and innovative solutions. We make them plannable and calculable for our clients. At the same time, you can rely on the know-how of an internationally leading construction service provider. Undertaking projects with HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions therefore means greater security, fewer risks and more experience in implementing innovations.

Successful results in public buildings: With HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions it isn’t only in schools that such results can be achieved. Whenever it’s a question of extending, converting or constructing public buildings, HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions offers the perfect solutions because they allow significant efficiency gains to be achieved during every phase of the project. Even if budgets are tight, urgently needed measures can be financed, and implemented to a high standard with long-term cost-effectiveness.

HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions offers the state, cities and communities an all-round service: We finance, plan, construct, refurbish and provide facility management for public buildings. At present these include educational facilities such as schools, as well as public administration buildings such as town halls and civic centers, or security facilities such as police buildings or barracks.

The hallmarks of these projects are shorter planning and realization phases, and life-cycle costs that are optimized over the long term. This is made possible thanks to integrated planning from the outset which also takes into account the operation of the building throughout its entire life-cycle. Thus the follow-on costs for maintenance and upkeep can already be minimized from the start. In this way, the private financing of public buildings under the guidance of HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions becomes a model for success. In some cases, we operate projects for a period ranging from 15 to 30 years. Our portfolio in this area is highly diverse, and our experience with PPP is as long-standing as this business model itself. We were one of the first to successfully implement PPP projects with our partners—always with the aim of implementing a customized, client-oriented solution. Satisfied clients, building owners and users over many years are the proof that this business model works.

It’s great when traffic doesn’t involve stress for motorists—when there is no investment backlog—when public coffers aren’t in a state of chaos. In other words, when everything is running on a safe, well-organized track. The construction of roads, bridges and tunnels no longer has to be a massive feat of strength because HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions makes it easier for planners, operators and users to reach their destination smoothly.

HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions is currently undertaking road projects in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Greece, Canada and the USA.

What all projects have in common is that they secure economic advantages and greater efficiency over the long term. They moreover create excellent conditions for the lastingly high quality of the projects, and thus also for the satisfaction of the users. This is because not only are there fewer traffic hold-ups but, thanks to quality standards precisely defined in the concession tenders, there is also a uniformly high standard of operation.

All life-cycle costs—including maintenance and servicing—are already considered in the planning phase, and this farsightedness results in an optimization of the overall costs.

With the establishment of HOCHTIEF PPP Operations GmbH in 2014, HOCHTIEF brought together more than 10 years of experience in the area of road operation into a single company.

International offices

Apart from its headquarters in Essen, PPP Solutions has branches and offices in the following locations:

HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions (UK) and (IRL) Ltd.
Kingsley Hall
20 Bailey Lanen
Manchester M90 4AN
Great Britain
Tel.: +44 161 498-1210
Fax: +44 161 498-1223

HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions Netherlands B.V.
Professor W. H. Keesomlaan 1
1183 DJ Amstelveen
Tel.: +31 20 2102 740
Fax: +31 20 2102 749

HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions North America Inc.
375 Hudson Street
6th Floor
New York, NY 10014
Tel.: +1 212 2296479
Fax: +1 212 2296416

HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions North America Inc.
2 Bloor St East
Suite 701
Toronto, Ontario
M4W 1A8
Tel: +1 647 259-3740
Fax: +1 647 259-3741

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