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For more than 100 years now, HOCHTIEF has delivered construction projects the world over. This means we can look back on long years of tradition and experience with the special aspects of construction in different cultural environments. By combining engineering competence, experienced project management staff and knowledge of each country's particularities, we ensure that our projects are successful.

International operations traditionally are a strong pillar of HOCHTIEF's business. With our subsidiaries, we have had a presence in Poland, the Czech Republic, Chile and the Middle East for several decades now. In other selected regions, we are also engaged in direct business, performing large-scale projects.

In Poland, our strengths lie in office and residential construction. HOCHTIEF Polska also successfully delivers infrastructure projects such as airports, harbors and industrial facilities.

With our subsidiary HOCHTIEF CZ, we execute projects in the Czech Republic in the fields of building construction, office buildings, wastewater, industrial construction, tunneling and road construction. In the Slovenian market, we operate via HOCHTIEF SK.

The international large-scale projects business is currently focused on Latin America and the Middle East. In both regions, we can look back on a long tradition of operations in the field of transportation and energy infrastructure.


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