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HOCHTIEF Infrastructure Europe West

HOCHTIEF Infrastructure Europe West

This business area brings together our services in the segments of transportation, energy and supply infrastructure in Western and Northern Europe. We are represented there with units and projects in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and the UK.

In these countries we cover the entire spectrum of civil engineering and infrastructure: bridges, roads, tunnel construction, harbor and marine engineering, lock construction, cavern and gallery construction and power plant construction. Our experience extends from planning through the construction of demanding projects through to the execution of PPP projects, from modernization to new-build.

Being close to our clients is very important to us: we operate throughout Germany. We are represented in the main regions of the country with branches in Essen, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg. Our units, structured like medium-sized companies, work with our clients on projects in the metropolises and, where required, in regional locations as well.

Presence in Germany

Infrastructure construction in Germany is an important part of HOCHTIEF Infrastructure’s business. HOCHTIEF is consistently further developing itself on the German infrastructure market, and offers its clients a wide range of competencies in the regions.

With structures characteristic of a medium-sized company and as an international construction group with more than 140 years of experience, we construct transport, utility and energy networks in Germany.

In Essen, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg as well as the surrounding local regions, we offer comprehensive services for constructing and modernizing roads and railways, harbors and airports, power plants and sewage treatment plants.

In this way we are able to ensure―together with our clients―that traffic flows better and more sustainably on modern roads and railways within and between conurbations and that the government’s infrastructure expansion targets are actually turned into real structures within the framework of the energy transition.

Presence in Northern/Western Europe

We have been established in Scandinavia for several decades, and our projects there include the construction of the Great Belt Fixed Link and the Öresund Bridge. At present our activities in Scandinavia are mainly focused on urban transportation projects in Stockholm and Copenhagen.

Find out more too about our activities in the United Kingdom [] where we are currently playing a major role in the construction of the gigantic Queensferry Crossing in Scotland, amongst other projects.

In Austria we are mainly involved in creating new routes for the road and rail networks. In recent years, for instance, we have upgraded parts of the A4 and A5 highways. We are currently involved in the construction of tunnels for the Koralm railway and the Semmering Base Tunnel.

In the Netherlands we are working with our sister company, HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions GmbH, on an important section of the A1/A6 highway between Amsterdam and Almere. In this way, we are servicing demand in the Netherlands for public-private partnerships.


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