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Trust, experience and competence—the best basis on which to build.

The German construction market is one of the world’s biggest and it is developing with great dynamism. That is why it’s good to have HOCHTIEF Building at your side as a partner whose strength and experience give you security.

We have reorganized our building construction structures and processes and adapted to changing market conditions. Is that complicated? No. Because our regional branches provide you with experienced specialists for your project who are close to your business and can give you the best advice—no matter whether you are refurbishing a residential development with us, or wish to undertake the turnkey construction of a building or industrial facility, or a PPP project. You always have access to the know-how of the entire HOCHTIEF Group.

With construction projects it is important to make the right decisions at the start. That is why we get involved as early as the preconstruction phase, when we work with the architects and specialist engineers to improve planning. We will help you to get an overview of opportunities and risks, and examine alternatives. This means that from an early stage, you already have security with regard to deadlines, quality and, very importantly, costs. In working with you, fair partnership and transparency are paramount for us—all the way through to handover.

In order to optimize planning, we are increasingly deploying Building Information Modeling (BIM), a method for multidimensional representation. HOCHTIEF is the world market leader in this area. With BIM we are able to remove clashes between individual trades before the workers even get to the construction site. With BIM we can also produce detailed space plans, allowing us to reduce operating costs.

HOCHTIEF Building stands for a high level of implementation expertise. We have specialists for the key trade of Shell Construction. A well-planned and executed shell construction phase is the basis of deadline and cost security for all subsequent work. All of our partners and suppliers are familiar with, and work in accordance with our requirement for proper implementation in strict compliance with all regulations. Naturally, we can also provide you with shell construction as an individual service.

Today every building construction project features a high degree of technologization, whereby security aspects (fire alarm systems, access control), comfort requirements (building engineering, BUS systems), and the optimization of operating costs all play an equal role. Our in-house technical building installations (TBI) engineers will assist you here in both the planning and execution phase.

For HOCHTIEF Building a project does not end with the handover. Our After Sales specialists will assist you after completion as well, providing active warranty management.

Our added value at a glance:
  • Structured and optimized building construction processes for economical construction and operating costs from an early phase of the project
  • Stable planning and construction processes thanks to professional steering
  • Security with regard to deadlines, costs and quality
  • Access to all of HOCHTIEF’s know-how
  • Global choice of products and subcontractors for your regional projects
  • Transparent risk management
  • Client-oriented After-Sales management during the warranty phase
  • Certified sustainability on request

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Regional presence/Market segments

With branches in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Erfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Hanover and Berlin, the company is represented in all of Germany’s important regions and is one of the leading providers in many market segments. We acknowledge the special nature of PPP projects with a dedicated PPP branch in Erfurt which has long-standing experience of public-private partnerships. HOCHTIEF Building’s market presence is complemented by its After-Sales branch, based in Frankfurt, whose experts look after special projects following completion.

Corporate Headquarters
HOCHTIEF Building GmbH Regionale Präsenz
Added Value for your projects

You have already frequently encountered HOCHTIEF Building: in the soccer stadium, at the airport, in a prestigious office building or when you visit a modern shopping center. We have teamed up with our clients to realize many impressive building designs, using steel, glass and concrete.

Our experience as a construction service provider allows us to keep coming up with solutions that illustrate how innovative designs and efficiency can go hand in hand. Our engineers already develop special proposals at an early stage to increase your yields and cut costs.

With HOCHTIEF Building you will always find the services you are looking for: whether you order a shell construction, industrial plant or a turnkey building.

We permanently changed the construction market when we introduced our partnership-based business models in 2005. We offer you a wide range of different contract alternatives. Thus we share project risks, say, just as fairly with our clients as the economic advantages generated by shorter construction times. Transparency and openness give rise to further, alternative contract models.

The earlier you start working with us, the more you benefit because the best time to influence costs is right at the start of planning—during the pre-planning or planning phase, in other words. During this phase, 80 to 90 percent of the costs are still variable. Once construction work starts, that figure falls to a mere 10 to 20 percent. This is what makes the pre-planning and planning phase so crucial. If you miss opportunities to make savings at this point, they are lost forever.

Our value engineering provides you with added value. From early on, we give you budget, deadline and quality security. The risk profile we compile for the project will give you a firm basis on which to make your decisions. On the one hand, we reduce your construction costs where savings potential is identified. On the other hand, we work with you to reduce the follow-on risk. Our integrated approach often leads to lower operating costs as well. It’s a win-win situation for developer and client alike.

For decades our special technical suggestions have been proving to our clients that they can realize technical high-end projects, yet still remain within budget. In fact, we are often able to identify where savings can be made through the use of alternative construction methods.

The experts from HOCHTIEF provide you with complex solutions from a single source. This begins with project preparation, takes in cost estimating and scheduling, and extends to designing the construction site and on-site support during implementation. Our planning and handling expertise flows straight into our technical planning and construction services.

These special suggestions, which are much appreciated by our clients, also set us apart from the competition. Thus we are constantly able to present innovative processes that save time and costs—during both construction and later operation.



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Project examples

University Medical Center Eppendorf

Nordex Forum

Katharinenquartier, Hamburg, Germany